Zero Pollution Option

The Zero Pollution Option / Program is proposed for implementation around the Globe by 2050 uses Abundant, Non-Polluting and Sustainable Solar Energy harnessed in Photo (PV) Panels.
This System will provide 200,000TWhrs/yr of Solar Powered Electricity in a 150TW PV system, and will require about One Million km2 of land (exposure to the Sun) using TODAY’s Technology.

So where do we get this One Million km2 of Land come from?
The Total Agricultural Land around the Globe is 15 Million km2. It is proposed to use The AgriVoltaics (AV) Technology Option. In this Option, PV panels, modified for AV use, or AVPV Panels, are installed on the Roof of Greenhouse like AV Structures to Generate Electricity above and as it also allows controlled light to filter through, it allows one to continue to grow food below, at the same time and on the same land.

This also prevents use of any additional land, which is in short supply in large parts of the Globe, to maintain and sustain its Bio-Diversity today and for the future.

This 150TW Global AV System will use less than 7% of the existing Agricultural Land, already manned by Farmers and located around existing Villages all over the World.

Additional, advantages with AV is, one can even increase Agricultural Output on this land by installing AVPV Panels that optimize production of select crops, controlling the temperature, having additional growing season in cooler climates, and reducing water usage by 50% or more. 

In addition, this massive Global AV System will generate (@$0.05/KWhr) $10 Trillion of Revenue annually, and providing Clean and Clear Skies while restoring the Health of Humans, Animals and The Environment, to pre-Industrial times, and ushering in Renaissance-II in the Rural Areas and around the Globe.

zero pollution solution
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