Zero Pollution Solution

Who We Are

I am just one of the over 7 Billion people of this Planet we call Earth, our only Home. After working many decades, as an Engineer, in the Energy Industry, I retired, and am appalled at the magnitude of People who are Affected, Suffer and become Victim to Pollution due to Energy Producing & Consuming Facilities and other Equipment and Activities. I agonized, if this was necessary and what can be done to reverse it, at least for the “Survivors”, our Children, and Grandchildren and beyond. Thus, I began my “Voyage of (self) Discovery”.

The Industrial Age, started around 200 years back, has served Mankind well, with Health Care, Food, Housing, Conveniences, Infrastructure  and all round Development, Prosperity etc., all “powered” by immense quantities of Energy never seen before. Unfortunately, the fuels that power this Industrial “Engine”, all cause Pollution. Initially, they affected the workplaces, then spread to neighborhoods and the Globe and now holds Mankind “Captive” to it.

As a consequence of this, almost 9 Million Humans face Pre-mature Death and Hundreds of Millions more Suffer (275 Million DALY’s) from Pollution every year around the Globe today.

As Pollution took on an International Dimension, the United Nations formally recognized this problem and its detrimental effect(s) on Climate in 1990, 30 years back. Numerous Meetings, Conferences, “Call for Action(s)”, led mostly by EAO’s (Elected and Appointed Officials),

So far, these UN Actions, have failed to reduce the rising Pre-mature Deaths and Human Suffering; with Climate Change delicately balanced at an irreversible “tipping point” today.

This lack of progress is mostly due to entanglement(s) of EOA’s in the International Web of Politics, National Priorities and even Outright Sabotage. The latter, well funded Self-Interest Groups, would rather “Protect their Assets” first, than the People that Pollution devours every moment of the year, every year due to their facilities.

THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD are also largely left out to Demand, Ensure and End these Pre-Mature Deaths and Sufferings and restore the Clear Skies to Pre-Industrial levels again.

Even today, Pollution is not considered a Disease and hence not addressed by the Medical Profession and “Industry”. As Pollution does not leave a “signature” behind, it does not appear in Health Documents or Data and therefore does not receive the necessary attention associated with Human Health.

Therefore, as a fellow human and Resident of Earth, on my own initiative, I have launched this Website and other initiatives. These provide THE PEOPLE with:

  • A Unique Website to provide, starting with India, a SOLUTION using Renewable Energy (RE) and AgriVoltaics (AV) for Supply of All the Energy to support Zero Pollution within the next 30 years, and Globally by 2050 too.
  • Information related to Pollution and THE ZERO POLLUTION SOLUTION to
    • DEMAND Swift & Strong Action of their EAO’s [Every day’s delay results in 25,000 needless Global Deaths].
    • ELIMINATE Pollution
    • RESTORE Global Health & Environment
    • REVERSE Climate Change
    • END Human Suffering and Deaths caused by Pollution.
  • An Option to Volunteers, around the Globe, to join and make GLOBAL PEOPLE’S INITIATIVE.
  • An Easy to Use Calculator for Volunteers, to create their own ZERO POLLUTION SOLUTIONS, for their country, and load on this Website. [ This Calculator can also be used by ALL ].

Delays will only extend Human Suffering and Death, as it accelerates bringing the Earth to the  “tipping point” of irreversible Climate Change closer.

In addition, there is the Demand, or Consumption, Side of Energy (Transportation – Land, Air & Sea, and Industry – Steel, Cement, Materials, Chemicals etc., Commercial, Infrastructure, and Residential). They ALL have to similarly respond to convert from use of Polluting (mostly Fossil) Fuels to Electricity from the above RE System.

Volunteers are also solicited to provide Details of their EAO’s to enable their fellow citizens to contact them. Similarly, they can also submit Studies, Projects and Programs, in their country, that provide Clean, Sustainable (Demand Side) Solutions using Non-Polluting Solar Electricity for all to access here too.

Thank you for your Support in helping LEAD THIS PEOPLE’S WAR to Eliminate Pollution, The Curse of The Industrial Age, by 2050, by the ZERO POLLUTION OPTION and Restore the Health of Humans, Wildlife, Environment and Clear Skies again.