ZPS – Benefits ( Rest of World )

First and foremost, the Electricity, Healthy Clean Air, and Clear Skies will be the first Deliverables of the ZPS, something which has been elusive in Villages and Rural areas in large parts of the world.

It will eliminate or minimize the ever increasing Premature (8.5 Million/yr) Deaths and 275 Million DALY of Suffering Globally because of Pollution. Finally, ALL will enjoy Clean and Healthy Air and Environment together with wildlife and forests as they were BEFORE The Industrial Age gave birth to man-made Pollution over 200 years back.

Availability of AV Electricity and Revenue from it in the Villages will enable creation of Rural Produce Refrigeration, Drying and Processing, Facilities for Cattle and Poultry, and Rural Support Industries.

As Rural areas benefit from Jobs and Higher Incomes from it, the massive Global Rural-Urban Migration will hopefully come to a halt as new Opportunities appear in the Villages.

A Global adoption of ZPS can launch an All Inclusive, Sustainable and Equitable Development, a Global Renaissance-II, that reverses “Rural-Urban Migration”, that is overwhelming the Urban Infrastructure, and enhance the Quality of Life for all, around the Globe. This will also preserve and strengthen Family, Cultural and Societal Bonds and Harmony throughout the Globe..

zero pollution solution
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