Legislation and Actions

As Pollution grew, the need for Legislative Action also came into existence as the earlier actions of the unions prodding the government to do something was inadequate. in 1970 the Environmental Protection Act in the USA was created to regulate all Pollution.e However, it had a limited role in handling Nuclear Plants and Nuclear Waste

It was identified that climate change was also due to the Green house effect of carbon dioxide emission from all fossil using facilities – power plants, industries, automobiles, airplanes and so on This green house effect results in a temperature rise as the heat trapped in the atmosphere is unable to dissipate at night into outer space and gradually the temperature rises. In addition many other appliances releasing nitrous oxides and using CFCs helon refrigeration were damaging the ozone layerwhich protects human life on the earth from ultra violet rays of Sun. 

Now that, global Pollution exists it has become a global problem and hence demand global actions as national legislations are inadequate
The United Nations in 1988, created an inter planetary climate change body, called IPCC. Two yrs later in 1990, they came out with a report, confirming Pollution damage that was also causing climate change. Henceforth it was clear that it was Pollution which was causing climate change and if one has to fight climate change one has to also fight Pollution.

Subsequent to that, the Community of Parties called COP by United Nations was created in 1995 and you may have read about Kyoto Ptotocol of Buenos Aires The new Del, i Montreal Paris Agreement have all been part of this particular program initiated by the United Nations in 1995, to do something about Pollution.

20 yrs later, in 2015, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution, for sustainable development and was called the 2030 agenda for sustainable development and had 17 Sustainable Development Goals, also known as SDG17.
It started of with Climate Change but ended up with overall development as various parties and nations wanted to address all forms of issues challenges, shortfalls in their countries.

As you can see this is a very large area which the SDG 17 covers but inspite of that, the program that we are presenting will cover at least a dozen of these 17 goals of sustainable development
Subsequent to that the United Nations environment program was created to provide global leadership, to provide environment agenda to be completed by 2030 with environmental agreements and targets . From where we are standing today achieving this goal by 2030 looks impossible (18:39)

In 2012 the united nation environment assembly was created which meets bi annually.
A lot of actions have been taken by United Nations to get all the people, the nations together to tackle Pollution locally, nationally and then globally to eliminate this curse of industrial age, but Pollution continues to grow.