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How to Store Solar Energy for the night

How to save solar energy

Solar Panels do not produce Energy in the dark and must have Sunlight to generate Electricity. So, what does one do from Sunset-to-Sunrise? Two Indirect Nighttime Energy solutions are discussed.

Solar panels work all day producing Electricity from the sun. However, one needs to have Electricity in the dark too. To continue taking advantage of Solar Energy after sunset, this can be done using  Net Metering and/or Solar Energy Storage, and are the two Indirect ways to meet our needs throughout the Day and Night.

Net Metering Keeps You Connected

Connecting your Solar Array Installation to the Electrical Grid enables Net Metering. Where Offered, Net Metering works like a Bank Account.

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When your Solar Panels make excess Electricity, it’s Discharged to the Grid, and the Electrical Distribution Company gives you Credits in your Energy Consumption. At night, you use those Energy Credits, that you have simply Banked, with the Electrical Grid during the Day. This Bi-directional Connection allows Electricity to flow In and Out of your home. 

The Grid Connection ensures Electricity is available to your home, no matter what the variation is, in Solar Array Production and Consumption. In this way, the Grid is a sort of Communal batteries for storing Solar Energy Storage System.

Net Metering is an Efficient Process as your Net Metering Credits will cover your costs of drawing Energy from the Grid. However, it’s not offered everywhere and it’s future is open, right now. Some Electric Companies are discontinuing Net Metering, dwindling its Benefits.

With Solar’s ever-increasing popularity, Electric Companies want to retain their position within the Energy Market. In some Net Metering Offerings, you’ll have to pay more to obtain Electricity than the rate at which you were originally Credited.

It’s valuable to assess the status of Net Metering Policies in your area to optimize your Solar Array System with Energy Storage for a dependable Energy Solution.

Solar Battery Storage Offers Energy Freedom

It’s your Home, and it is your Energy and you should be able to use it when you want. Another way your Solar Panels can indirectly power your home in the dark is Battery Storage. Solar batteries house work at night to power store your Panels’ Daytime Production.

Solar panels Charge your Battery with Energy from the Sun, so you’ve got Electricity power stored for future use. With this stored Solar Energy, your Battery provides power throughout the night. So, rather than sending excess Electricity to the Grid, you store it for yourself.

You’ll first consume Electricity from the Solar Energy Storage, before drawing from the Grid. Installing a Solar Array together with your Solar Energy, lessens your reliance on the Grid and enables you to ensure lower Electric Bills.

Solar Battery Storage gives you control over your Energy Finances and Peace of Mind. Homeowners will also value Battery Backup Power during Outages, as Utility Grids go down due to either Technical Malfunctions or Natural Disasters like Wildfires, Storms, Rain etc. 

Battery Storage gives you access to your own Electricity when Solar Panels are asleep, thereby providing Solar Electricity at night too.

Now is the time to install your own Energy System. With A Battery, your Solar Installation becomes a Sustainable 24/7 Energy Solution.

Net Metering and Battery Storage Working in Tandem

Today, most Solar Array Systems connect with the Grid and, where offered, incorporate Net Metering also. Households are increasingly installing Battery Storage. These two Indirect Solutions work in tandem in the Dark to Optimize your Energy Security and minimize Electric Bills.

You may program your Battery to only draw Electricity from the Grid once your Battery is Discharged, or Configure Net Metering and Solar Energy Storage to Operate concurrently.

For all their diligence during the day, Solar panels take a rest in the dark. By partnering Solar Panels with Net Metering and/or Solar Energy Storage, you will have a Reliable, Sustainable Energy Solution that works for you 24/7.

Make the Most of the Sun

The Sun is our most Abundant, Sustainable Resource. While Solar Panels do not work at night, Solar Energy Storage provides you a 24/7 Solar Electricity Facility in your hands.

Batteries for storing solar energy and Optimize your Solar Panels Productive Hours and increase your Home’s Energy Efficiency. So, build a brighter tomorrow by reducing your Carbon Footprint with Clean Solar Power.

Today’s extreme Climate Challenges and Fuel hazards are impacting our Communities, our Lifestyle, and the Planet. Solar Energy Storage is the obvious Energy Solution for Nighttime and Emergencies.

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