Zero Pollution 2050

Pollution and Health Effects

For thousands of years mankind was tied to his animals, horses, bulls, cows and even himself, as he grew food, to feed himself, his family and villages in surrounding areas. However, around 1800 the Industrial Age was born and these traditional, and renewable, sustainable sources of energy were replaced by hydro and fossil energy in the form of dams and power plants.

As the industrial age progressed, industry, vehicles and power plants came into an existence to provide the necessary energy to different sectors which demanded them. However, Pollution also started growing, it affected the local neighbourhoods first and then surrounding areas and then slowly spread to the country side till adjacent other nations started feeling the effect of Pollution from adjacent countries.

After the Second World War, many nations demanded and achieved independence from Colonization. Virtually all countries wanted to benefit from the “Dividend of Peace”, and sought Development as rapid Growth was demanded by all people all over the Globe.

In the meanwhile Zero Pollution was rising and having Health effects on every human being around the Globe,. We were surrounded by Particulate matters, sulphur dioxide, mercury, heavy metals which all affect human Health. in addition nitrous oxide, ozone, smog and acid rain started appearing having their own direct and indirect effects on human Health.

The major cause of Pollution is the Energy Consumption. Globally, an average of  15,000 KWhrs/pp/yr or 120,000 TWhrs/yr  of Energy is Consumed.  By 2050, these values for an estimated Population of 10 Billion people will be 20,000KWhrs/pp/yr or 200,000TWhrs/yr.

Annually ~8.5 Million people Die Prematurely due to effects of Pollution today, and this number continues to grow.  Also,  there are 275 Million DALY of Suffering around the Glob today.

[The Disability-Adjusted Life Year (DALY) is a measure of overall disease burden, expressed as the number of years lost due to ill-Health, disability or early death. It was developed in the 1990s as a way of comparing the overall Health and life expectancy of different countries. It not only includes the potential years of life lost due to premature death, but also includes equivalent years of ‘Healthy’ due to disability].

Apart from Health effects and human sufferings, environmental degradation is one of the biggest impacts of global  ZeroPollution2050.

Nuclear promise that appeared on the horizon, has now failed, starting in 1970,s due to Nuclear Accidents, Costs of building these Nuclear Facilities and  Nuclear Waste which will not go away for 100,000+ years or so and is haunting mankind that is now unable to store, use and take care of its nuclear waste which will remain lethal and deadly for generations after generations

So as Global Pollution rises all around, Man’s Health, the Environment and Animals all suffer from it

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